Preparing and writing Doctoral Theses

Preparing and writing Doctoral Theses

Preparing and writing Doctoral Theses

Preparing and writing Doctoral Theses

How to prepare a Doctoral Thesis? This question might represent a huge problem to Graduate Studies students in spite of the fact that any student who is preparing for a Doctoral degree must have got a thought about the mechanism through which Scientific Researches are done as he/she had passed the Master level. However, many students do not realize that preparing for a Doctoral Thesis is far more difficult and requires as thus a higher level of efforts and experience than preparing a Master's Thesis.

The supervising doctor could be pretty indulgent in the stage of Doctoral Studies. However, it is still an out-of-the-question matter that preparing a Doctoral Thesis requires a much more experience, dexterity and a higher level of accuracy than any Master's Thesis.

A Doctoral Thesis outnumbers a Master's Thesis concerning the chapters. A Doctoral thesis must not be less than six chapters. Most often, however, the theoretical framework is the specification in which the has to be an extension, as it might consist of more than two chapters and in many cases it might exceed three chapters. Plus, the applied methodology is a mixed methodology i.e. the researcher should use more than one methodology in order to achieve the desired target; a thing that may add a kind of difficulty to the Doctoral student as it can build up a heavy burden to some extent.

BTS Academy for Scientific Research and Development has got researchers of Doctoral degree holders who are completely capable of providing the needed aid and who are able to surpass all the difficulties and hurdles which might face the student when preparing for the Doctoral Thesis. In addition to that, it is essential that the terminology used in the preparation of the Thesis has to be solid and coherent and reflects the deep understanding of the researcher. This requires the researcher to have a considerable experience in this field. Preparing for a Doctoral Thesis entails the following steps:

In many cases, Graduate Studies students may need to prepare the researches and the scientific papers. Indeed, many researchers had sought to provide unique scientific researches before, during or after the stage of preparing the Thesis. Most students, nevertheless, believe that it is not very easy to prepare the researches and the scientific papers due to their lack of sufficient experience and knowledge about the ways and steps that should be followed in order to get the researches and the scientific papers ready and in a correct and academic manner.

Preparing the researches and the scientific papers process goes through various levels such as:

  • Selecting a convenient title for the study
  • Writing a potent summary
  • Assuring the correct scientific order of the research and the scientific papers
  • Paying much care to the methodology and to making it explicit
  • Writing a wonderful kind conclusion that summarizes the study outcomes and their importance
  • Finally, preparing the paper according to the special model of the publishing magazine that will be selected.

BTS Academy for Scientific Research and Development possesses a wide experience in the field of preparing the researches and the scientific papers for all the branches of study and both in English and in Arabic. It also has got a list of all the coherent and cohesive scientific magazines which will make the process of publishing the scientific researches and papers in the desired scientific magazine easy for you.

Dear student, all what you have got to do is to send a detailed e-mail to the Academy.





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