Summarizing Previous Studies


Summarizing Previous Studies


Summarizing Previous Studies  

Summarizing Previous Studies

Previous Studies are one of the most important parts of the Scientific Research, and there is no complete Scientific Research without containing previous studies. It is one of the things that matters to every researcher and student as they are generally largely valued.

Previous studies are identified as all the previous researches which have tackled the topic in which the researcher is digging through discussion and studying. Whenever a researcher is on to a certain subject, he/she will definitely need to get back to these previous studies, analyze them, study them properly and then identifying the similarities and differences between them and his/her research.

As a matter of fact, the previous studies form a separate section in its own and it generally occupies the second section of the framework of the scientific research, and it is of course very attached to it.

The previous studies contribute to the enhancing and enrichment of the scientific research and provide the researcher with a solid ground and substantial information about the research that is being done. This is how the researcher should be acquainted with all the information related to their research.

Furthermore, the previous studies also help the researcher not to repeat the already studied areas and never to fall in the same mistakes which were committed by other researchers.

From this point it is easy to conclude that summarizing previous studies needs a considerable experience. This is because the process of summarizing is in its true nature is a process of criticism, and of course such a thing will demand a knowledge and experience in the art of criticism in order to summarize the previous studies.

Hence, summarizing the previous studies needs a commitment on the side of the researcher of certain things; as they should know whether this topic has been tackled before or not, and they should also search for the topics which are similar to their research questions and which other researchers have done before.

In addition to all that is mentioned above, when it comes to displaying these previous studies, it should not be done on random. On the contrary to that, the researcher must stick to the academic form of doing that. There are in fact a number of ways to display the previous studies, for example:

  1. Annotated Bibliography: through which the previous studies are generally displayed without mentioning the title of the study. After that, the previous study is summarized, and then the results to which the previous study has reached are criticized.
  2. The Chronological Order: According to this method, all the previous studies are gathered and then reordered according to their date of publishing. This ordering is supposed to be ascending from the oldest to the newest taking into consideration the developments that occurred to these studies through the years.
  3. Order According To Topic: Here, we identify the topics that need to be studied, sort them out and finally, the process of gathering the previous studies related to these topics is initiated for the purpose of summarizing.
  4. Order According To General Concepts: This methodology depends basically on the conceptual mapping in the process of displaying and summarizing previous studies. In this way, all the concepts are to be displayed in a tree sequence.
  5. Comparison and Contrast: This is where we depend on comparing between the previous studies and the study the researcher is performing. The researcher will recognize the similarities between the previous studies and his, display them, and in the end show the differentiations.
  6. Sorting Out According to the Research Methodology: Through this methodology, the previous studies are sorted out and displayed in accordance to the methodology which was followed in their studying no matter if it was quantitative or qualitative.

It is a researcher duty to mention the methodologies applied by the other researchers in the previous studies while he/she is summarizing them. It is also important to mention the mutual points between the research and the previous studies, plus stating the major trends of the other researchers and the ways they followed in the previous studies.

Another significant point is that the researcher should include the results of the previous studies while he/she is summarizing them, and to state whether these studies have found a solution for the described problems or not.

In order to give a good summery of the previous studies, there are a number of terms that should be taken into consideration which are:

  • Referring only to the primary sources and staying away from the marginal ones.
  • Making sure that the information are correct and from confidential sources such as the precise scientific magazines.
  • Displaying only the parts which are convenient to the scientific research content, and not the whole study.
  • Displaying the ideas in a precise and swift manner.

Having recognized the significance of the process of summarizing previous studies, we have made up our minds through our professional academic web site to offer the service of summarizing the previous studies in order to help out the researchers and make their assignments as easy as they can be.

Our professional academic web site enjoys the existence of a specialized staff in all the required specializations. This staff has been selected extremely carefully; and all the previous studies are being summarized in our site by academic professionals who have got a wide experience in the field of scientific researches in general and in the field of summarizing the previous studies in particular.

All the previously said processes are performed according to the academic terms which are followed in all the top world-class universities.

Our web site is also recognized by having a staff that are excellently qualified in English whose mission is to provide previous studies in English, summarizing them, and of course translating them into Arabic. Of course we do mention the outcomes of each of the study at the end of the summarizing process.

The service of summarizing previous studies in our professional academic web site includes the following:

  • Preparing lists of all the activities that we do.
  • Summarizing the previous studies, discussing them and commenting on them.
  • Authenticating the previous studies in the scientific research according to the global academic authenticating methodologies.
  • Providing the service of summarizing the previous studies both in Arabic and in English.
  • Presenting a copy of the references and authorities which were used in the previous studies.

All these characteristics will be in your hands just by asking the service of summarizing the previous studies from our professional web site. You will definitely get the perfect summarizing of the previous studies related to the research you are accomplishing fast and professionally.

Dear student, all what you have got to do is to simply contact us, and you shall find us waiting you to present the most suitable summarizing of the previous studies for your research in a really professional manner.



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